The Bahamas Top Model Search is entering its fourth year of production and has for these past three years made a big impact on the Bahamian television community. This event seeks not only to find the top model in the Bahamas, but also to revolutionize the way Bahamian television is presented. This is because the Bahamas Top Model Search seeks and has become the first Bahamian reality television series. The shows producers are excited about this season of the show, having learnt from past mistakes they now can produce a show of great quality that will be wholesome entertainment for the wider community.

The show will take the format of an already popular American reality series “Americas Top Model” and gives it a unique island twist. Interested contestants will be ask to attend an open call (where hundreds are expected) where they will be registered and viewed by the judges who will be making decisions on who will make it on to the final rounds. This decision will be made by way of judge’s first impression, style, walk, pose, and personality. If you are chosen to continue you will be invited to attend the next 5 days of competition…. where more events to determine The Bahamas Top Model will be faced. At the end of these five days there will be a grand finale’ and fashion show that will be open to the general public and will be the event where the top model is announced.

The winners will be lavished with many prizes and be given the opportunity to travel and possibly be scouted by international agencies a few of which have expressed interest in the search, and will be sure to be on the lookout for girls who fit their criteria.

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